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Normal Patterns of Speech Development

What Speech and Hearing Development Should I Watch for in My Child?

Here is a list of some things an infant with normal hearing should be able to do:

Around 2 Months of Age:

  • Startles to loud sound
  • Quiets to familiar voices
  • Makes vowel sounds like "ohh," "ahh"

Around 4 Months of Age:

  • Looks for sound sources
  • Starts babbling
  • Uses a variety of voice sounds, squeals and chuckles

Around 6 Months of Age:

  • Turns head toward loud sound
  • Begins to imitate speech sound
  • Babbles ("baba," "mama," "gaga")

Around 9 Months of Age:

  • Imitates speech sounds of others
  • Understands "no-no" or "bye-bye"
  • Turns head toward soft sounds

Around 12 Months of Age:

  • Correctly uses "mama" or "dada"
  • Gives toy when asked
  • Responds to singing or music
  • Readily turns toward all sounds